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Police: Gang Member Wanted For Shooting

Police: Gang Member Wanted For Shooting

On June 21, 2013, at 11:45pm, Northeast patrol officers responded to a call of a victim of a shooting at the Olive Tree Apartments located at 4232 E.

Wanted Felon Arrested

Wanted Felon Arrested

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office today announced the arrest of a wanted Fresno man after he was stopped while driving an unreported stolen vehicle.  Arrested was 35 year old Ronald Scott Autry.


          The incident began early this morning, shortly before 2:00am, when deputies pulled over a green colored 1997 Honda Accord in the area of Sierra & Del Mar for traffic violations.


          Deputies contacted the driver, later identified as Autry, who initially gave a false name.  Deputies were eventually able to get Autry’s true identity, and discovered he had five felony, and one misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.  Autry was arrested without incident.


          During the subsequent investigation, depu

Free Document Shredding

Central Valley Community Bank is once again offering free shredding of legal documents for personal or business needs.

The mobile shredder will be in different locations throughout the San Joaquin Valley in the coming months. What makes this shredding safe is that papers will be shredded in different locations - to help combat identity theft concerns. 

Click HERE for the full list of shredding locations.


Robbed at Gunpoint: Woman Targets Fresno Bank

A woman walked into a bank with a gun Saturday afternoon and walked out richer.

Police say the middle–aged woman robbed the Wells Fargo on Cedar and Herndon.

That's where she showed the teller a gun and walked out with four to five thousand dollars.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and no shots were fired.

She is still on the loose.

Driver Arrested After Hit and Run Accident In Fresno

A driver making their way through the thick fog in Fresno tried to speed off after getting into an accident.

They didn't get far.

Officials say the driver was speeding down Highway 41.

Visibility was about 400 feet when the driver crashed into another car stopped at a red light.

The passenger was killed.

Officials say the driver tried to get away, but was later found and arrested. 

Church Thieves Steal Thousands In Clothes For Kids

When Oscar Sanchez opened the church's trailer Monday morning, it looked nothing like the way he'd left it.

"Almost 80% of what was in this container was stolen over the weekend," Sanchez said.

What was in there was a lot of stuff that makes a big difference.

"We provide clothing for children and young people for the new school year. We give them T–shirts, a new pair of jeans, new shoes, a backpack with all the supplies for the new school year," Sanchez said.

About 75,000 of stuff was ripped off by crooks without a conscience.

They cut the locks, rummaged through the trailer and left the mess for Oscar and his volunteers to clean up.

"I was shocked when we found it like this. We're trying to do something good for the migrant workers and their families and then to find the stuff here, that it was stolen, it was really heartbreaking. And I really felt a little down," Sanchez said.

Fresno Police Pump Brakes On Street Racers

Hollywood films like "Fast and the Furious" make street racing look exciting.

But it can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

If you are caught racing, Fresno police say you can face hefty fines.

These two drivers were pulled over by officers.

Police say they are members of two different car clubs in Fresno.

Drivers say they met on face book, and each claimed to have the fastest vehicle, so they decided to race.

Little did they know, Fresno police were right behind them.

Man says, "This is actually my first face, first time I ever raced just happened to get caught the first time.."

Reporter says, "Now your car will be impounded for 30 days."

Man says, "Yeah, I don't suggest people do it."

Police say they're just thankful no one was killed.

So what is the answer to the problem?

At least one car club member thinks someone should build a drag race track.